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Maybe if you started a new thread, people would be interested.

I was lucky to meet her about 10 times last year alone but every time I felt this euphoria in anticipation and total satisfaction afterwards, it's like going on a date with someone you're really into and this feeling doesn't go away luckily.

This fine lady owns not only a mesmerising face, fairytale body (God those curves! I sometimes wondered how did the God create such an angel on earth.

He obviously has had absolutely no chemistry with any girlfriend on the show, whereas he pings so much with "Sean and Darren" they had to make them regular characters.

It's astonishing how viciously narrow-minded gay men can be if they truly believe that being anti-abortion, as Patricia Heaton is, makes a woman a hateful cunt.

Between the ELR money and this PH must be a fucking billionaire. I thought the show was put up by pervs wanting to see a teen boy w/o clothes No one else in the show shows skin. You know that PH, even though she narrates, is not really the star of the show. Watching Charlie tonight I couldn't help but remember that he worked with the late Misty Upham in Frozen River.

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