Eva mendes dating 2016

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Arriving at the Transportation Security Administration point for a routine pre-flight security check, she is understood to have told officers she would not be able to pass through the body scanner 'because she's pregnant', which she later vehemently denied.'It's so ridiculous,' she said at the time.

'It all started because I didn't want to go through the scanners at the airport.

According to the magazine's source, the couple doesn't "have any extra help" at home, which is a big part of why Mendes has been turning down roles, and Gosling has been seeking more projects which film in L. "so he's able to come home to his girls every night." "Ryan and Eva are so hands-on with their kids," the insider said.

"Eva has sworn off Hollywood." Mendes herself has previously stated that she wouldn't be seeking out roles actively anymore, and it would "definitely take something really special," to take her away from her home life.

Here she is pictured back in March, and since she was attending the New York & Company Spring launch dinner, it was no surprise she wore a dress from her collection for the American store.

We wonder whether she'll do a maternity line...

These gave her the ability to work with many highly regarded directors, such as Robert Rodriguez (Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)), Carl Franklin (Out of Time (2003)), John Singleton (2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)), Antoine Fuqua (Training Day (2001)) and the Farrelly Bros. Eva has co-starred in an independent film, The Wendell Baker Story (2005) with Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell, with Luke Wilson directing.

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