How to get a girls attention online dating

by  |  07-Aug-2017 08:29

Chances are, if you operate even remotely similarly to myself, you have a very well thought-out profile that you’ve spent time considering and planning out.

To start with, you have nine assorted photos that range from selfies to (recent) full body shots to a few with your buddies.

This consists of things like: job, car, your own place, pay your child support (if this applies), no baby-mama drama, be able to make me laugh, etc. You’re weary of constructing too many guidelines for this “dating thing,” for fear of limiting your experience and missing out on what might have been. Occasionally your mailbox dings, and you check it hopefully. I know my worth and I’m not willing to compromise my dignity for the sake of a cheap thrill.

If you’re like me, you’ve done this before and suffered the repercussions. You take your armor off and slip into something that feels sexy. Here comes the fun part—and by fun I mean the opposite of fun, which is disappointing. You’re 33 and before you even read it (and you only do so to further amuse yourself), you’re beyond insulted. I may have feigned interest even, just for the sake of keeping his (or any man’s) attention. And if that’s your kind of thing, I assure you I’m not one to judge; but again, if you’re anything at all like myself, that’s simply just not your thing. Don’t be a stalker Do recognize when the woman whose attention you’re trying to get isn’t reciprocating.

So I made this offer: I would be my brother’s online dating coach for two weeks. The problem: The first thing I checked when he signed in to his profile was his sent mail. I explained that he would never get a girl’s attention this way — he was sending out the equivalent of spam.

He actually had to implement my suggestions for those 14 days. The solution: I told him his emails needed to be well-crafted, not slapped together in two seconds.

You have exactly three paragraphs (as two would be too few and four is too many).

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