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Yes, the Salaries Tax demand note for you consists of two components: C. Normally you would be asked to pay the sum of ,930 by 2 instalments as follows: By 1 January 2017 you would have earned income for 9 months to 31 December 2016 (75% of annual income).

Hence, paying provisional tax is not paying tax in advance, nor paying tax on future income. What should I do when I need to leave Hong Kong when my contract ends/I resign?

There are two significant things you need to deal with in this case: Tax Clearance and Withdrawal of Accrued Benefits of the MPF Scheme. Tax clearance You should notify our HR department no later than 1 month before the expected date of your departure. You will complete IR56G form and take it to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for tax clearance.

For a general idea of rental costs in Hong Kong, Please click the link below: out some of our most frequently asked questions below. In this regard, (1) Net Chargeable Income = Total Income – Deductions – Allowances(2) Net Total Income = Total Income – Deductions. If it is your first time to pay tax, IRD will set up a new account for you, so your tax return forms mailing date is not fixed.

If you do not receive your tax return forms, you can notify IRD by filling in the IR6167 form ( within 4 months after a year of assessment (which is before July 31st).

If you are exempt from tax, the IRD will still issue a letter of release upon completion of the tax clearance procedures.

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