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by  |  28-Jun-2017 23:04

Visiting Italy for a few months, staying in a nice apartment and having cash to spend is great whereas living in a small rented room, sharing a bathroom with three people and becoming a professional hustler does get pretty old after a while.

It’s not fun to do this process, certainly not straightforward even if you ask for help, nor will it ever be but yet that is quite the small price to pay if living in Italy 24/7 is what you’re after.

If you can accept that challenge, and learn Italian, your life will be so much easier.

Before you go, it is very helpful to know that Italy is an extremely regionalized country, after all it only became united in the 19th century which is pretty late when you think about it.

This makes a big difference in how people see themselves and the opportunities they have depending on what areas of Italy they are from and might have moved to. If you don’t already have a job or plan when you arrive, accept that likely you will be teaching English, babysitting, working as a waitress, all for pretty low pay than you might be used to.

I probably get 10 emails a week from people asking for advice, looking for tips and rather complicated answers to their questions.

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