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Those include different things from all around the phone, from switching to the camera to using it as a remote for your house or Apple TV. It’s done by going to the Settings app, rather than the control centre itself, and heading to the right option.There, you can choose to “customise controls”, and pick which buttons you want as well as the order to display them in.This is more useful the bigger the phone, obviously – it’s no coincidence that it first came to the i Pad. Apple has added another, slightly less important, one-handed feature.

Instead, you’ll finally be able to have your phone do that for you.

If someone tries to connect to your internet and is near to you, you’ll be given a prompt asking to give them a password. Apple has made it far easier and simpler to deal with the things you screenshot or record while using your phone.

Apple will now let you type more easily with one hand, leaving the other free for whatever you want.

The option is activated by pressing on the globe (better known as the emoji activation button) and pulling it to the right or left, which will bring the keyboard with it.

Head to the Storage and i Cloud Usage option in Settings, and have a look at what it has to say.

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