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But just to be safe, I flirted with her a bit as well. It was as if every woman in Boston had heard they were just giving away panties for free.

Which interestingly enough, seemed to make Randi just a little bit jealous, and served as an opportunity to fuel our playful banter even more. Undergarments were being man-handled left and right, and, at one point, two women even got into an argument when they both pulled the same pair of underwear out of a bin at the same time.

Normally, a phone call like this would not have raised any concerns. To a jerk of a husband who she had suspected of cheating on her from nearly the day they got married. It felt like minutes, but it was really only a few seconds. The crowds made it easy to disguise my not-so-subtle attempts at trying to decipher what lay underneath.

If you don't mind tagging along with my cousin." Was she inviting me to go shopping with her? But really, what harm could there be in joining her? Except maybe the shopping part." I'll admit, I was fishing a bit here.

My 20-something year-old-mind was juggling the possibilities and the risks.

Which, if you're not familiar with the area, means you're basically in the sticks. Even if it wasn't on her body, knowing that I would see what she was buying before her own husband would, made accepting this experience too good to pass up. "Let me know when and where to meet you and I'll see you then." The following week couldn't come fast enough.

" Her voice in my ear, reminding me of what I had experienced and would potentially see again, instantly got me hard.

But the only thing that sustained me, was the thought of seeing Randi again.

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