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Hey guys, my name is iansomerhalderfanforever if you haven't already guessed it.I'm a major fan of his work and how he is willing to change the world for the better and to create a beautifull mother earth.After a tiring birthday and a few revelations, she leaves for a well-deserved break. But I like Wilder Wonka better so I will just be dropping the Mike I like into that movie with a few tweaks here and there. He had only been surveying the damage done by the aliens when he had tripped on a hammer, he didn't know the significance of being able to pick it up. Power out, no heartbeat, he thought Rick was dead until a green eyed doctor told him otherwise. What could Harry do for the group when he's so magically weaken? But if someone thought dead brought his family back to him how will things turn out?

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His magic was bound, he's a lord of five houses and he's a kitsune. Only, instead of finding only a hand on the roof of a department store, Daryl and the rest find nothing at all, leading to the question: How did Merle escape? (Editing)This will be a Willy/OC story between Mike's older sister and the chocolatier himself. After the arrival of a mysterious figure from Klaus' past, it all comes to a head. In the aftermath of the alien invasion of London, Coulson's team is set out to retrieve a man, a man that had picked up Thor's hammer.

SLASH, off-screen MPREGFed up of the Wizarding world and the way she is exploited for their gain, Jasmine Potter decides enough is enough. It will be a mix of both movies in a way, I like the Depp Mike better so I will be using him. After dying while protecting a grieving Klaus, Caroline finds herself sent back in time, and she's not who she once was. John Watson hadn't meant to get mixed up in the alien invasion only intending to repay a favor. They are destined to be each others great love, but can she forgive or will they not get their dream comes true ending? Elena and Klaus pairing, other coupling soon to come. Shane Walsh thinks he has only two reasons to live, Lori and Carl.

Will Bella be safe guarded by Peter, Jasper, and Charlotte or will Alice and Edward get a hold of the baby? Harry/Thranduil, Bilbo/Thorin Tony is tired of being treated like a doormat so he takes control both personally and professionally.

After the Great Revelation, Bella is yet again drawn to the vampires, particularly to the ruthless Sheriff of Area 5. It also annoys him when Gibbs can ignore his own rules, but head slaps Tony when he breaks them.

What would have become of the group if they'd had a wizard within its ranks? Daryl/Harry Luna/Merle Jasper finds Bella as a baby abandoned in the forest; he immediately knew that she was his mate. As Bilbo comes back from scouting ahead, he comes back with interesting news. There were two bears in the countryside instead of the one that he had been expecting.

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