Updating cell phone

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But if you’re not running a stock Android handset that is updated your phone will ever even see any of those updates.New Android users are often disappointed to discover that their shiny new smartphone won’t get any updates—or worse, that it’s running old software the moment they bought it.Occasionally, the tower locations stored in your phone's memory are used instead of the actual nearest tower, causing your signal quality to degrade.

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Recommended: For updating all Cell Phone drivers, use Driver Manager.

It has a database of over 26 million drivers and can identify Cell Phone devices and almost any other manufacturer's hardware with very high accuracy.

Google can’t just release a new version of Android that works on all devices—they release the new version, then manufacturers have to go in and tweak it for each of their phones. Most Android handset manufacturers—like Samsung and LG, for example—“skin” their phones to make them stand out in the crowd.

And by that, I mean they add/remove/change the interface and apps to make it their own.

Unlike Apple’s ecosystem, where Apple releases a single i Phone each generation, Android is a much more open (and messy) environment.

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