Violence in college students dating relationships

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Bonfiglio, Vice President of SUNY Geneseo and Denise A.

Battles, SUNY Geneseo President, attended a press conference Jan.

But what they described as "one terrible act that no one saw coming" resulted in three lives lost on a January day in 2016.

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Police scanner suggests Kingstons' dad called 911 l Kingston's former coach: 'He was one of my favorite kids'"We tried to find reasons to see why Colin might have done it.

I think the thing that it comes back to is the thought of 'if I can’t have her no one can.' I don’t know if he planned that.

Unlike Barnes' story, where signs of abuse were present during the relationship, the story of Kelsey Annese, or at least what is known of it, was seemingly different.

While Barnes had feared for her life at points throughout her relationship, friends of Annese said the more than three years that she spent dating Kingston seemed nothing short of healthy.

There’s a bunch of theories about why he went to the house that night.

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