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But his friends and family in South America tell of a more calculating side to Joan's toyboy.

It's true that the firm which publishes Caretas - Peru's equivalent of Time magazine - was founded by Percy's Aunt Doris.

But his own father, Jorge Gibson Parra, was an invalid and unable to work.

His mother, Bridget Monaghan, a timid Scots woman who always indulged her son, took a job at a British girls' school in Lima teaching history to try to pay their way.

A cousin of Percy's said: 'His father never had much money, so the rest of our family supported his mother and father and Percy, too, when he was born. 'We provided everything, including a beautiful English-style house with manicured lawns in San Isidro, a wealthy district of Lima.

A neighbour said: 'She can't stop crying and is so depressed.' Cindy, who has been married to Percy for 12 years, sobbed to her friend: 'I made so many sacrifices for him to support us while he tried to be an actor.' Yet while she had an abiding faith in him, she obviously failed to see how socially ambitious he was.

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